How are you able to communicate digital ad ROI success if you’re not necessarily driving a ton of hard leads for clients? | Get ROI Ads

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How are you able to communicate digital ad ROI success if you’re not necessarily driving a ton of hard leads for clients?

Personally I enjoy focusing on specific Return On Ad Spend that I can directly attribute to the ads I run for clients. Ad A is connected to Sale A. For my agency and I, this is the most accurate and communicable explanation of the value we bring to the client’s business.

From a lead generation perspective, we also have clients were our primary goal is to drive leads into a sales funnel. This is most often to cold audiences just trying to get name and email addresses to add to the client’s email list. The client sells creates a relationship with the leads and sales happen later on, months later. One of my particular long term clients has more than doubled the revenue of her business through email and because of the increase of leads that we’ve drive through Facebook ads. Pretty awesome. In this case I speak to the client monthly, so even though I can’t see the sales happen from Facebook conversions, I know from here that they are.

There are other metrics to measure even if you are not providing direct leads. If you client has hired you for leads, that probably none of the other metrics matter.

Increased engagement on posts and ads creates more brand awareness for your client. Depending on the actual business it’s possible that you are creating a familiarity with an audience so when it is time for them to need the service you client is “top-of-mind”.

You can also show that the cost per lead is out of whack with the budget. I’ve worked with clients where the cost per lead was anywhere from $0.50 to $750. It depends on the client and what the service is. In the case of the higher priced leads, if you are not spending enough, then you simply won’t see that many leads. In this case you can look at what the Facebook suggested bid is for a lead with your audience and compare that to your budget. If the suggested manual bid per lead is $25-$35, and you are spending $5 a day, you may only see one lead a week.

Sometimes with all the effort you put in you may not get sub $1 leads for highly competitive spaces. 
 The other point is that you show also be trying to figure out if your leads are good or not. You may be only sending a few HIGHLY QUALIFIED leads, so it may be enough for your client to be happy and grow their business. It’s not always about quantity.


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