Is it advisable to first buy 1k likes on a brand new Facebook business page to create an illusion of popularity? | Get ROI Ads

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Is it advisable to first buy 1k likes on a brand new Facebook business page to create an illusion of popularity?

1. No. 
To begin with a page with 1000 likes really means nothing today where established pages have 5 plus million likes. For example Shakira (the singer) has 105 Million likes. 

Think of your initial likes as ideal customers. The people who like your page will be the first to see new content. If they interact with the content, more people will see it. If they don’t, you will get even less organic reach. 

If you buy your first 1K likes from low cost countries, you will destroy your page’s ability to build any organic traffic. If on the other hand, you create great content, use Facebook Live, images and offer engaging posts, your organic reach can be greater. 

Additionally, MOST people will not visit your page, or see the amount of likes you have (some will but only a few). If you are providing great content, you are more likely to draw them in by proving that you can do what you say. 

If you start with likes that are only from people who have actively engaged with your ads, you can run engagement campaigns to friends of friends who like your page. This gives you extra social proof. The persons’ friends’ names are listed at the top of the ad. 

You can quickly build an audience by using engagement ads, target friends of friends and invite people who like the post to like the ad. It may feel like you are starting small and slow, but it grows quickly. 

2. Yes

In the case that you are really trying to create an “illusion” of popularity, then it might make sense to buy (through Facebook) as many and as cheap of likes that you can. 

While I wouldn’t suggest it for a local business, it may make sense for someone who is trying to be an influencer of a sort, or a band possibly. As I mentioned above, almost noone will visit your page, and again, even less with check where your likes are from. 

I admit that I bought a course from a “Facebook Guru”, years ago simply because he had over a million likes. So while I think 1k isn’t worth it, if you have a long term plan to grow your likes to large numbers it can make sense. It wasn’t until after I was into the course where he explained how he had gotten the likes and why. This is why I’m not totally against cheap likes – because it works. 

You are still destroying your organic reach and if you stop buying likes, your numbers will diminish quickly, so think about if this is something you want to do long term.