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a few months ago

Why does increasing Facebook ad set daily budget lead to significant CTR decrease?

Note: Target audience 100,000 vs budget $5->$100 = 4.5%->0.5% frequency ~1.0 In a small audience of 100K people the Facebook algorithm will be searching for the best and most likely people to do the action that you want (conversion, click, engagement etc). As you increase the ad budget, you are asking Facebook to show it to […]

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Is spending my Facebook ad budget in a week more effective than spending it in an entire month?

This is a great question and one that is often discussed with clients during panning and strategy sessions.  My agency works with both high level and smaller clients, so we have experience with companies who just have large budgets as well as with helping smaller clients who might be just getting started.  There are three […]

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How can I retarget visitors who clicked ads on my site using Facebook pixel?

How to retarget people who click ads on your site has been a challenge until recently!  One of my sites is a niche site that is monetized through Adsense.  A recent release of the website plugin called PixelYourSite allows you to create a custom audience of Adsense clickers as well as Amazon Affiliate Link clickers.  […]

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If someone likes your Facebook page’s post, is it socially acceptable to invite him/her to like your page?

It’s definitely socially acceptable to invite someone who likes your post to like your page. Everything Facebook does is meant to improve the user experience, so you can assume that this feature has been tested and helps. If they like one post, it’s also likely that they will like more of your content, but most […]

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My Facebook Page has 2.5m likes but I get only 50,000 views and 300 likes on my posts. Why?

Likes on pages are an interesting thing. Obviously you’ve spend some time and energy building your page to this size (as for Nov 2017 over 7M likes – well done).  The thing with pages likes is that they can be fleeting. Someone might like your page, but find new interests or change interest altogether. They […]

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Can I send traffic from my Facebook page or FB group to my Blogger blog with AdSense? Does it violate the AdSense policy?

SOOO Many businesses are built around this specific model!  You can get super cheap traffic on Facebook and send it to your website.  You only run into issues with Adsense, when you start manipulating how people interact with your website/blog to increase click through rate on the ads. (causing accidental clicks)  Heres a link to […]

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My FB ad campaigns have suddenly stopped. How do I get them back working again?

So many things could be wrong with the account to make your ads stop, it’s really hard to say without looking directly at it.  The first thing I’d check is if you’ve reach you ad account spending limit. (learn more here) It’s possible that even though you don’t have any disapproved ads, you account is […]

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