Avoid This Common Posting Mistake: Image Post VS Link Post With Image - Scott Warren - Ad Strategist

Avoid This Common Posting Mistake: Image Post VS Link Post With Image

One common mistake I see with people and companies who post to a Facebook page is that they constantly post only images, regardless of the outcome they want from the post.

Let me explain:

When you do a new page post and upload an image, it’s an image post. Image posts tent to have decent organic reach, so it looks like a great thing to do. In some cases image reach is exactly what you want. By uploading an image to a post FIRST, it creates an image post.

When you start a post and add a page link FIRST, Facebook will pull in information from the link, including the headline, link information and image. All of these are editable, and you can even add a new different image if you want.

The key difference is that when you click the first image post, all you get is a larger image. When you click the second post type, will be redirected off of Facebook to the link you input.

This is a powerful difference if you want to get people to actually visit you website. An image post keeps people on Facebook, while the link post directs people off of Facebook.

For this reason you can expect less organic reach with the link post (Facebook wants to keep you on Facebook), but if you have a strategic reason to bring people to your own blog or website the link post is a better choice.