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What are the best platforms/apps for creating Facebook ads?






Facebook Ad Manager

Are a few that are available. 

I’ve been a customer and user of Adespresso and Facebook Ad Manager, so I can only speak from experience on these.

Adespresso is a great platform for automating post boosting and creating numerous variations of ads to test. For people with smaller budgets it makes it too easy to create 48 variations which is too many for a small budget.

One of the features that I really liked and could by itself make Adespresso worth the monthly cost is the automatic page post boosting. If you are running a page, you know you have to pay to reach yoru audience. With this automation, it’s possible to choose an audience and a daily budget and just let AE do the promotions.

This works well if you have an audience of engaged fans to promote to. This way you have your organic posts immediately being promoted to the most interested and engaged people.

Another feature I really like was that AE tells you which parts of yoru ad/audiences are having the most effect. It will tell you which image/headline/copy/audience are performing best and let you turn off lower performers across you campaign.

While I haven’t used Qwaya, one of the key features that brought it to my attention was the ability to rotate ad creative. This can be super helpful as you scale out campaigns and want to prevent ad fatigue from setting in.

Facebook Ad Manager: My advertising agency, Exfil Project, specializes in Facebook ads and sales funnels.

My favorite platform is the Facebook Ad Manager (and Power Editor).
This is the platform that is most up to date with new features. It’s simple to use and allows for a lot of reporting customization.

By far this is the option I’ll suggest to anyone just starting out as a freelancer or running ads for others. It’s the place to learn and understand everything Facebook offers, before finding a secondary platform. 
I feel that I have the most control over the ads I run, using the Facebook Ad Manager (and Power Editor). 


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