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Do you prefer boosting Facebook posts or creating ads (unpublished posts)?

I definitely prefer creating ads directly in Facebook Ad Manager. This should be expected as I run ads for multiple clients, across a business niches. It’s easier to manage and create advanced strategies inside of Ad Manager or Power Editor. The data that is available is much deeper inside of the Ad Manager. Alternately, boosting […]

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How do I increase my Facebook Page reach nowadays (in 2018)?

“Increase my Facebook Page reach” is as simple as being more engaging and producing better content. “simple”  You get rewarded with more reach by being both engaging for your audience and for doing things that fit with Facebook goals.  Specifically on Facebook, Live video tends to get more reach than other types of content. You […]

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Is promoting your blog using Facebook paid ads effective?

What does “effective” mean to you?  Understanding what you mean by effective is the only way to quantify if the Facebook ads are working.  Generally though, Facebook ads are a great way to drive traffic to a blog, gain followers and build and email list to promote too.  Building an audience to advertise to with […]

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a few months ago

Can I promote my (very) small business locally with Facebook even if I have basically no friends?

yes, it’s quite simple to use Facebook ads to promote your (very small) business to the local community and have success with a (very small) budget.  You will need to create a Facebook Page, which is different from your personal profile. Some businesses choose to make their Page profile look very similar to their personal […]

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