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What are the best platforms/apps for creating Facebook ads?

Adespresso Qwaya Needls AdFox Adstage Facebook Ad Manager Are a few that are available.  I’ve been a customer and user of Adespresso and Facebook Ad Manager, so I can only speak from experience on these. Adespresso is a great platform for automating post boosting and creating numerous variations of ads to test. For people with […]

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a couple of months ago

How much is a Facebook page with 300,000 likes worth? What are other ways I can make money off of it if I choose not to sell it?

Facebook Official Answer The official position base don Facebook terms of service is that you can not sell a page. It’s not “illegal” just against their platform rules. I have no idea what the repercussions are if you do sell a page or how they would know. I did a quick search of Google and […]

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