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How can I advertise on Facebook for free?

Most definitely YES! 

Even with limited reach Facebook is still a great platform to use for advertising and testing products and services that you do or might offer in the future. 

The important part of advertising for free is to use organic reach build a base of followers who are highly engaged with your brand. 

I say “brand” because people aren’t going to randomly find your offer post if you are selling something. You will need to have a following and a group of people that trust you. 

A few ways to advertise for free on Facebook…

Start with your personal profile. While it is against the terms of service to use your personal profile for business, I see a lot of people do it successfully. You personal profile generally gets the most organic reach of any type of posting. 

On your personal profile you can have up to 5000 “friends”. I’m not sure on the number of “followers” you can have, but they are not the same thing. So make sure people can friend and follow you. 

Use a lot of live video. currently live video gets the most reach of any type of posting organically. (NOV 2017). Once you go live, make sure you have a place where people can see your offer or sign up for your email list. 

Optimize you personal profile to show your offers in the most prominent places. I have my Facebook group in the most prominent position. 

Spend time in groups associated with your business. Provide value in the groups. Friend request people who are interested in your business. 

Keep promoting live video consistently.

Use Memes, as long as they fit your niche.

Use “poll” posts to create engagement in your niche.

Build your email list. This is the key to the whole cycle. It will be slow at first. The thing with an email list is that you own it. You can move the list from platform to platform and essentially reach those people for free. 

If you only rely on Facebook, it’s possible that that platform changes or you get kicked off or an account disabled. With an email list, you can just re-invite everyone to your new profiles, wherever you move too. 

As you build your friend list on Facebook, you can use Yahoo Mail to download your friends’ emails and add them to your mailing list. Here is a link to my group where I explain how to do this – How To Download Facebook Friends’ Emails.

Build a group. This will also be slow. Facebook has a big focus on groups right now. Building a group gives you a group of people to make offers too. It also gives you perceived authority in a subject and control over what is posted. 
Groups do take some work, but you can cycle the live video into your group from your profile.
I also as everyone who joins my group fro their email. 90% share it. I add them to my email list. 

Build a page. Once you start getting your personal profile up and running, it’s smart to build a page to advertise (paid) from. Use the same images and as much as possible, mirror you personal profile layout. 

You can share the page content in your group and on your personal profile. When people react to your page post, you can “invite” them to like your page. Now you are starting to build another following organically and for free (time is the cost). 

With only what I’ve listed here you can build a business. You will have 4 ways for people to see your content and offers. You have a way to build your authority and a following.

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