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a couple of years ago

How can I earn $5000 per month without a website in affiliate marketing?

There are two key parts to earning affiliate money.

1. Lead generation. You have to figure out  a way to communicate with people who are open to new offers. There are so many ways to do this including paid Facebook Ads, twitter,Google Search and all kind of other methods. 
There are also ways to build your email list organically, by creating an audience, using social media and or posting on sites like Quora. Here is a post all about using organic Facebook traffic to build a business from zero (read it here). 
The question revolves around making $5K a month, so doing what you can at the least expense will be important for you to keep more. One solution for this is to use the email provider Mailchimp. Why Mailchimp? Because it’s free for your first 2000 emails and even the free version lets you build an autoresponder and communicate with your list members. 

Keep in mind, once you get someone on your email list, you can continue to connect with them for essentially free (unlike using paid traffic)

2. Have an offer. You can join any number of affiliate networks that have offers available for promotion. Once you start your email list and build a relationship with your audience, you can make multiple offers to them. The offers you make should be helping them achieve the outcome they want in the long run. 

A great example is what’s called a “Viral Share Funnel“. It’s an offer build on a specific software (which is great software BTW) and by simply sharing the funnel,  you teach people how to use the software to make money and get an affiliate fee when they do. 

It sounds a bit scammy, I know, but it’s legit. Many companies use the software to building landing pages and sales funnels for their own products and rather than spend a lot on promotion, they put their money into their affiliate program. 
I use the software anyway for my business lead generation and I recommend it to others on a regular basis.  With the recurring affiliate program, it adds a “bonus” of getting paid to promote a product I use. 

See the Viral Share Funnel in action ->

Notice, I never mentioned having a website. Even the Viral Share Funnel is built using the software, so still no website needed. 

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