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a couple of years ago

Can I promote my (very) small business locally with Facebook even if I have basically no friends?

yes, it’s quite simple to use Facebook ads to promote your (very small) business to the local community and have success with a (very small) budget. 

You will need to create a Facebook Page, which is different from your personal profile. Some businesses choose to make their Page profile look very similar to their personal profile, so it “feels” like a person. If this is right for your business, try it. 

Start with your ad manager and choose your address and a radius or your zipcode if it’s smaller enough to make sense. You can type the zipcode in place of a city name and it will outline just that area, rather than a radius. 

Think about what you want to accomplish with the ads. 

Do you want people to come visit your store? (Use “Store Visits” Campaign)
Do you want them to contact you for service? (Use Conversions) 
Do you want them to give you a phone number so you can follow up? (Use Lead Generation or Conversions) 
Make people aware of your business? (Video Views) 

If you are new in an area and just trying to create awareness a video views ads can work very well to help local people learn about you and your business. Video Views are relatively cheap, so its a great starting point. 

If you use video views, make the video eye catching and about a minute long. Tell them what they need to know briefly and add a call to action (tell them to do something: visit, make an appointment, call, etc.)

Once you have video views running you can set up a second ad that targets only people who watched the video 50% or more (test 75% too) with a more direct offer type ad. 

Post at regular intervals, daily, 3x a week, etc and you can “boost” the posts for a small fee to your local audience. Boosting is often looked down on, but if you boost to your primary audience it can be a good way to raise awareness with simplicity. 
When you choose to boost a post, you will be give the choice of looking for visits, engagement or messages, test all of these. Initially you will be looking for engagement, just get people to interact with your posts. 

The key for smaller local businesses is to just be consistent. Use a small budget on more posts and learn what resonates with your audience. Especially if a customer comes to you and tells you they saw a post and it caused them to buy. Try to find the post and spend more on it to reach more people. 

While boosting isn’t the most efficient way to run Facebook ads, it is a way to get started. 

It will allow you to reach more people in the local community and hopefully engage with them while creating awareness about your business. 


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