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How can I retarget visitors who clicked ads on my site using Facebook pixel?

How to retarget people who click ads on your site has been a challenge until recently! 

One of my sites is a niche site that is monetized through Adsense. 

A recent release of the website plugin called PixelYourSite allows you to create a custom audience of Adsense clickers as well as Amazon Affiliate Link clickers. 

This is advantageous for two reasons:

First is that you can retarget the clickers to get them back on your site and second you can build a lookalike audience of the clickers to do paid promotions!

If you have other types of ads on your site PixelYourSite will still allow you to create custom events based on a number of options including link clicks, css selectors, mouse over, scroll position, video time viewed to name a few. 

These features are fairly new and very powerful for creating new conversion and audiences that aren’t available though the Facebook Interface yet. 


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