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What are the best platforms/apps for creating Facebook ads?

Adespresso Qwaya Needls AdFox Adstage Facebook Ad Manager Are a few that are available.  I’ve been a customer and user of Adespresso and Facebook Ad Manager, so I can only speak from experience on these. Adespresso is a great platform for automating post boosting and creating numerous variations of ads to test. For people with […]

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a couple of years ago

How much is a Facebook page with 300,000 likes worth? What are other ways I can make money off of it if I choose not to sell it?

Facebook Official Answer The official position base don Facebook terms of service is that you can not sell a page. It’s not “illegal” just against their platform rules. I have no idea what the repercussions are if you do sell a page or how they would know. I did a quick search of Google and […]

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Should I invite people who liked my Facebook ad to like my Facebook business page?

YES! Definitely! While “like” campaigns are out of style, having likes on your page gives you some organic audience if they are interacting with your posts.  You already know these people are interested in whatever you are posting about, so they are likely to be interested in further posts too.  There is the Chrome plugin […]

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