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How much is a Facebook page with 300,000 likes worth? What are other ways I can make money off of it if I choose not to sell it?

Facebook Official Answer The official position base don Facebook terms of service is that you can not sell a page. It’s not “illegal” just against their platform rules. I have no idea what the repercussions are if you do sell a page or how they would know. I did a quick search of Google and […]

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Should I invite people who liked my Facebook ad to like my Facebook business page?

YES! Definitely! While “like” campaigns are out of style, having likes on your page gives you some organic audience if they are interacting with your posts.  You already know these people are interested in whatever you are posting about, so they are likely to be interested in further posts too.  There is the Chrome plugin […]

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How did i spend $X.XX when i did cpc and no one has clicked? I’m trying to get this sale in front of everyone… should i go the boost post way?

This is a common question and it has a few parts. 1. CPC – Facebook charges by impression unless you specifically request to be charged by click. Even if you optimize for clicks, this is not asking to pay for clicks. You will still pay for impressions. If you really want to pay for clicks […]

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Is it advisable to first buy 1k likes on a brand new Facebook business page to create an illusion of popularity?

1. No.  To begin with a page with 1000 likes really means nothing today where established pages have 5 plus million likes. For example Shakira (the singer) has 105 Million likes.  Think of your initial likes as ideal customers. The people who like your page will be the first to see new content. If they […]

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last year

In Facebook Ads, what does it mean when the number of link clicks is greater than the number of times pixels are fired on my landing page?

In general when you have clicks on the ad and they don’t match the landing page visit, there is likely a loss of interest as the page loads.  There will always be a discrepancy in data from different sources, including Facebook, Google analytics and other tracking.  The key is to understand that the default settings […]

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