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Using The Facebook Offer Ad To Reduce Your Cost Per Action

The cheap Facebook ad hack that works amazing, has been around for years and NO one uses it!

 Using the “offer” ad for retargeting 

The offer ad goes back years.

It’s something that has been available form Facebook for, well, I don’t know how long.

The offer is available at the asset level for traffic and conversion ads in the Facebook Ad Manager.

Keep in mind, nothing changes about your actual ad, you still need to have a solid ad, just like any other approach.

Where the offer comes in, is that when someone clicks on the offer ad, they have “shown interest” and Facebook will continue to remind them that the offer is waiting.

Let me repeat that:
When someone clicks your ad once (like normal) Facebook will continue to send them notifications on desktop, mobile and even in the email, reminding them that the offer is available!

So for the cost of one click, you get WAY more than one interaction.

I’ve been using the offer for retargeting people who are already leads, rather than cold traffic.

Different clients have different variations, but it’s similar. We offer a free “lead Magnet” to cold audiences.

The cold audience signs up with their email for the free offer, either via a landing page or Lead ads.

I have a custom audience of “leads” who gets retargeted with an ad for the next step in the sales process.

In some cases it’s a webinar offer in other cases its a big discount offer. Using the Offer and retargeting leads, I saw the cost per webinar sign drop to new 30% of it’s historical cost.

For another client I am seeing his cost per purchase go from around $25 to $5 using this tactic.

Keep in mind you are only paying for the one click of the ad, and Facebook is doing the rest.

So what’s the catch? ?

An offer ad needs a specific number, which can run out and an expiration date.

So if you want it to work better, set it to expire sooner. When you do this it requires you to go in an rebuild the ad with a new offer and dates.

You also have to set a number. If it’s a great offer and you set small number, you will increase scarcity if only 10 are available vs 10000. But again, once that many people have claimed it its done.

I’ve been using a date about a year out and putting the number in the 10’s of thousands, so it can be mostly evergreen.

It’s working so well, I’m not that concerned about the scarcity issue.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below…..