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a couple of years ago

My Facebook Page has 2.5m likes but I get only 50,000 views and 300 likes on my posts. Why?

Likes on pages are an interesting thing. Obviously you’ve spend some time and energy building your page to this size (as for Nov 2017 over 7M likes – well done). 

The thing with pages likes is that they can be fleeting. Someone might like your page, but find new interests or change interest altogether. They may unfollow you if they thought your content no longer interests them. 

Facebook has been reducing the amount of reach pages get and has moved the focus to groups and communities. So you may have to start experimenting with paid traffic for your page.

Keep in mind that you will get more reach and engagement for content that is native to Facebook. Your videos will do well, whereas the link posts leading to your website (where you make your money) will not do nearly as well.

I’ll suggest creating an audience of the people who engage with your page. 
In your Ad Manager go to the Audiences tab. 
Create Audience > Custom Audience> Engagement > Facebook Page > people who engaged with a post or ad.

Once you have this audience built, you can start with the most simple approach which is to boost each post for a small amount of money. Maybe $1 or $5 depending on your budget. 

The goal is to spend a small amount on each post to see how engaging each post is. Think of each as an experiment. 

Within a few hours you will see what it will cost you per engagement, click , video view etc. Then you can decide if boosting the post is making money, however you monetize you site. 

Are the increased views translating to increased revenue. 

When you find a post that you can say increases revenue….

Spend more money on it. 

Create lookalike audiences of that post or the content you send people too.

I took a quick look at your page and my guess is that you could run some substantially cheap ads with your more viral content, driving big traffic to your site. 

I had a smaller page with about 70K likes and ran two ads for almost a year continually. 

I could only spend about $10 a day and still make a profit, but it was fun to play with. 

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