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My FB ad campaigns have suddenly stopped. How do I get them back working again?

So many things could be wrong with the account to make your ads stop, it’s really hard to say without looking directly at it. 

The first thing I’d check is if you’ve reach you ad account spending limit. (learn more here)

It’s possible that even though you don’t have any disapproved ads, you account is under a manual review. This is known to happen and takes 24-48 hours to resolve. 

Another things to look at is your audience and bid structure. I ran into this with a consulting client a few days ago. 

Make sure you aren’t bidding against yourself in your account. This is unlikely to be an issue with smaller adspends, but as you start to scale it definitely can. 

If you have multiple campaigns or adsets that are targeting the same audiences, and one is a higher manual bid or one has a manual bid and the other is autobidding, you can run into an issue.

Facebook won’t let you bid against yourself, so the better ad is the one that compete in the ad auction. 

This can cause other adsets or campaigns to just stop spending at all. 

There are all kinds of other reasons a campaign or account stop spending. 

1. Payment declined/maxed out
2. ads disaproved
3. manual account review 
4. Reached spending limit (

too many to list….


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