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From Zero To 1000 Visits A Day Challenge. Spoiler: I Won!

I did it. I challenged myself to start a blog from nothing and get it to 30000 visits in a month. I beat my own estimate.  I ended the month with 50000 visitors spending all of $247 on promotion! 

It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what happened. 

I’m not going to go into full details here, because you can watch all the videos and learn how I did it all here. The short version is this:

What I used to build The Website. 

So far so good…..

How I monetized the site: 

I only monetized the blog to offset my adspend.  I didn’t need to monetize this project as it was just a challenge, but why not? I knew I would have some kind of traffic so I might as well take advantage of it. 

  • Google Adsense – it is simple and does a lot of the work for me. 

How I promoted: (the important part!) 

I used Facebook ads exclusively to promote the site. I ran paid promotions to blog post and kept them running at almost $10/day.

  1.  Installed my Facebook pixel on my site.
  2.  Started running ads promoting the posts, from the Facebook page using interest audiences based around brands, magazines and aftermarket parts. These ads started out costing over $1 per click! So I quickly adjusted. 

3.  Built a conversion campaign, with the conversion being a “view content”. I added the view content even to each of the promoted pages.

4.  Changed up the ad styles with the new campaign. We know that videos perform better so I grabbed some screen shots of the videos that were embedded on my content and use the slideshow ad type. I added text to each image and added a call to action for the last image. These slideshows were 8-12 seconds long.

5.  Started running these ads to the same audiences and the change in price was drastic!

     6. I let these ads run….. and run they did. The cost per click got down below $0.01 for some days, so I set the budget at $10, knowing I was looking for 1000 visits a day.

     7. I had also built and started running a lookalike audience of total visitors and then lookalikes for each page. I even started running to a 5% lookalike audience! Whoa!! 

     8. Then I started to experiment and this is where it got Facebook Wild! I used the same ads and same audiences but built a Page Post Engagement campaign. The goal of this campaign was simply to get people to engage with the post. And did they ever…

     9. Part of the engagement is that they would click the “Watch More”  button on the ad to see the rest of the video, that I previewed with the slideshow ads. 

     10. The cost per view on the PPE/Slideshow ads got as low as 5 clicks for 1 cent! cost per click was .002 with a relevance score of 10. This image shows the lifetime cost per click which averaged to 2.5 clicks per penny. 

This was an experiment which tapped into a highly motivated market, but the same tactics can be used on any blog to lower traffic cost.

Imagine what you could do with 10 – 20 – 50 THOUSAND visitors next month?

I recorded all of this and if you want to see exactly how I made this all work, submit your email below and you’ll be the first to know once I get the videos edited and posted.

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