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How can we get 100K Facebook page likes faster for social proof?

If you want to get to 100K Facebook page likes faster, you have to decide why you want the likes and which tradeoffs you are willing to make. You also need to decide if you really need likes or just want to run ads. To answer, I'll focus on getting likes, without addressing whether you should get likes or not. Paid:  Simply put you can run a campaign to get likes. You [...]

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What are the pros and cons of using Facebook lead ads?

I'll be up front to say that I love using Facebook Lead Ads.  So Pros:  They are super simple to set up.  They are very customizable.  Testing new concepts and offers is FAST. You don't have to even build a landing page. Depending on the "quality"/cost of lead I want, I will add more questions. Easy.  You can set up Zapier and send the leads anywhere even to mult [...]

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Should I do paid advertising on Facebook?

Should I do paid advertising on Facebook? Why or why not? If you are running a business it's most likely that you can benefit from running paid advertising on Facebook. You can generate leads for your email list. You can generate visitors to your valuable content. You can create an audience of people who are likely to engage with your offer. You can send people direct [...]

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Is there a way to get (or at least optimize) Facebook ads so that I get more website clicks?

Is there a way to get (or at least optimize) Facebook ads so that I get more website clicks? You can google many answers and see that most people will tell you to have good imagery and use a great call to actions. Both are true.  You will see people tell you to test multiple placements and types of ads. All true.  I'll share some specific strategies I've used running a [...]

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Avoid This Common Posting Mistake: Image Post VS Link Post With Image

One common mistake I see with people and companies who post to a Facebook page is that they constantly post only images, regardless of the outcome they want from the post. Let me explain: When you do a new page post and upload an image, it's an image post. Image posts tent to have decent organic reach, so it looks like a great thing to do. In some cases image reach is exact [...]

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Create An Audience of People who Engage With Your Facebook Page

A REALLY NEW feature in in the Facebook Ad Manager audiences is to be able to build audiences from people who interact with your Facebook page.  The ability to create audiences from video engagement has been available fora while now. Along with the ability to build audiences from people who visit your website, the options are really interesting.  I'm currently using a [...]

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