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How can I get 50,000 likes on my Facebook page?

I’m not going to comment on whether or not likes are valuable or if you should spend the money to get likes. A few years ago a guaranteed path to “riches” was to build a page with hundreds of thousands or millions of likes and post content a few to many times a day. You could get a LOT of organic traffic this way. Facebook doesn’t work like this any longer. 

1. Legit “real” likes: 

if you are building a page and you want the people liking it to be potential customers, you should approach like as you would any other paid promotion of Facebook. 

To start understand your ideal customers’ problems, pain point and view of the world. 

Create an Engagement>Page Likes campaign. 

For the ad, offer value if the person likes your page. This is like a much simpler and less commitment than putting in an email address. “If you want to see more content about xyz, like and follow us “. (not the best copy, but you get the idea. 

2. Viral content and invite to like (also legit):
Another way to get pretty legit likes is to use the “like to invite feature” built into Facebook. 
To do this use or create a popular Meme or video ( create , don’t steal) and promote it as an engagement ad. 

If you get the intended engagement, many people will “like” the post ( or react to it). On the post you can click the likes and it will show you a pop- up box where you can individually invite people to then like the page. In many niches this works very well and a large portion of the people you invite will like the page also. 
This is a good process, but the limit is around 500 invites a day. 

You can do this manually or there is a chrome plugin that is paid ( I have no affiliation) that automates the invitation process. One I’ve used is called

3. Spammy Like contest:

Don’t do this. It’s spam. It’s against Facebook Terms of Service. 
I see this working almost daily. 
What spammers do is get picture (or bunch of pics) of something expensive like a really nice motorhome or a boat or cool car. They create a page that is related to the image. Then they post a small album of image of the item. 
The text is usually some version of :

1. To celebrate 10 number of years in business we are giving away 10 of these (RV, Boat, car, etc) to random people who follow us on Facebook. To be entered to win, Like and share this post and like our page. 

2. We have 10 leftover (last years’ model ) (car. truck, Rv, motorcycle, Rv) that we can’t sell. So we’ve decide to give them away to random people who are fans of our page. To enter like our page, share and tag someone in this post. 

You get the point. It’s shocking how well these work and how many people I’d consider savvy comment like and share these posts. 

4. Cheap countries:

This is a semi – spammy way to do it. If you simply need likes for social proof. 
I’ve heard this called the “love” technique. 
Build a like campaign and use an image that anyone can love. Like a heart or some puppies. In the text you say something like. “Like to share the love/cuteness/etc” or “like if you are happy you have today” , or something universally feel good an motivational. 

Promote this to cheap countries. (Let me google that for you) Search it on Google and you will find lists. 
You should see likes for once cent or less. Put as much into this budget as you want and build a page with a bunch of cheap likes.
You will probably have to maintain some budget to keep this level of likes because these types of likes start to disappear shortly after. 

As you know most people see a page with a lot of likes and assume it’s very popular. They don’t try to see if the likes are real or people anything like themselves.