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How can I make money through my Facebook pages and blogging?

There are so many things you can do – it’s an impossible question to answer completely.

You blog and Facebook page are a public facing platform for you to present ideas and share information.

You need a Facebook page to run any kind of paid advertising.

  1. E-commerce – promote your store with Facebook ads or build a huge following to sell product to.
  2. Affiliate marketing – build a review blog with Amazon affiliate links
  3. Advertisements – This is one way a lot of the major news organizations make money. Promote your blog posts on Facebook. Place ads on the posts.
  4. Create your own digital products. If you know how to do something, make a course and sell it.There are so many other ways to make Money. Personally, I started running my own blogs and promoting them on Facebook. 

    As I worked with friends to help with their Facebook promotions, I found that people wanted to pay me to help with their promotions.

    This is how and why I started my ad agency, where I help small businesses grow using paid advertising.

    Additionally, I keep running ads for my own projects to stay up on current tactics, hacks and features and to make additional money.

    For instance:

    Here are some of the tools I use, that also have affiliate programs –

    Mailchimp – Free email automation and list building.

    Instapage – Beautiful pre-configured landing pages.

    Zapier – Connecting Lead Ads to Mailchimp/ thousands of automations

    Bluehost Hosting – Good cheap hosting for your website

    Youtube Director Ap – Easy way to make your video look great

    Google Drive – Store stuff

    Book Like A Boss – For scheduling and simple calendar integration.

    Good luck!