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3 years ago

How Can I Turn Facebook Ads Into leads?

Using Facebook Lead Ads to get leads, How to get leads with Facebook ads

Question qualifier – “I work for a property management firm and I am trying to use Facebook ads to get more clients? What are some good Facebook ad tactics that might help gets more clients?”

Great question!
From the perspective of a property management firms, I’ll assume you are looking for properties to manage.

Finding the right people on Facebook: 
You need property owners who don’t want to manage their own property. I’ll focus down even further on single family or condo owners. The target I’d start with is people who own homes and are interested in realty investing. 
Using Facebok Ads to generat Realty management leads

As a starting point, you will be focusing on your city plus the distance you are comfortable traveling up to fifty miles. If you are comfortable managing further out, just add another nearby city and a radius. 
Alternately you can put in your address (office/home or whatever you want) and build a radius around that. 

How to get their attention?

What problem can you help someone with as they try to find a property manager?
How about a checklist on finding the best property manager. 
A checklist or worksheet to see if they NEED a property manager. 

With the right questions and information, you will be able to both quality and possibly, more importantly, disqualify people who are not your ideal clients. 


If you were my Facebook ads client I’d start by using Facebook Lead Ads and send them to an email list your created specifically for this promotion. In the first email reply, be sure to attach the checklist or information that they signed up for. I find Lead Ads to be more flexible and it doesn’t require the trouble or cost of building a landing page. 

Lead Ads are simple to set up and below is a video walkthrough about the ad type and how to set them up. 

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