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How can I use Facebook to drive targeted traffic to a digital marketing blog?

Driving traffic to a digital marketing blog can be frustrating and fun, but there is so much noise in the digital marketing space that it can be challenging. 
My agency has a focus on Paid Facebook ads, so this is where I will focus. Understand that this is only one method and there are plenty of lower cost and free ways to get traffic to a blog.
Paid traffic is the only really scalable method. 

To drive traffic to a blog you will need the content from your blog as well as an audience that you want to promote too. Who do you want to see your content (and why). 

With a Facebook page as a starting place you can post content that you create on your page.

Then you can use the “Boost” button to start small with audiences that like your page and their friends. if you are just starting, even $1 a day is enough to start gathering data. Do it for every post. You will start to see what type of content resonates with your audience. 

Getting Traffic Faster and Bigger

Use the “bait and switch” method:

I’ll assume that you are asking this question because you are an unknown (not a guru) but have good solid content and knowledge you can share.

A tactic that can help you move faster is to use other peoples’ content! This is NOT plagiarism, nor am I condoning that. 

Because you are operating on a social platform it is perfectly acceptable to share other people’s content. So find some content that is similar to what you discuss. Who do you read? This is a great place to start. 

1. See if you can find 3-5 articles that are already popular in your niche. 
2. Post these articles to your Facebook page. 
3. Promote to your likes and friends of likes. 
4. Go build an audience of people who interacted with your page in the Ad manager. 
5. Promote your content to this audience of known interested people. 
6. Build a “lookalike” audience of people who interacted with your content. 
7. Promote your content to this audience. 

All of this should give you a pretty well targeted group of people who are interested in your content. 

I call this this bait and switch, because you are essentially baiting readers with already known popular content that they then associate with your page and you. 

Then you promote your own content to them and they still maintain that association, so make sure your content is good! 

Organic Traffic With Facebook

As your page and following grow, make sure to use the “invite hack” to get more free likes on your page. 

Continue to post and promote at $1/day to reach people who have already liked and interacted with your content. The more interaction you maintain, the less it costs to promote and the more organic reach you get.