How can I use Facebook to sell my humorous sci/fi novels on Amazon? | Get ROI Ads

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How can I use Facebook to sell my humorous sci/fi novels on Amazon?

Facebook Ads and science fiction book promotion

How do I use Facebook to sell any book on Amazon? 

The first question you need to ask is why are you selling the book, because if it’s to make money, then you have to take into account the cost of both your time and any paid promotion you run versus what you will bring in after any sales. 

Start with Free – 
Post in groups and comment on pages that are followed by people who are interested in other books similar to yours. 

Give away a few in exchange for a review (I’m not sure on Amazon policy on this). Ask your friends and fans to write reviews on Amazon. 

Better yet, if you have a video about the book, like a commercial, that can get you some additional reach in the groups. 

Where are the fans of this type of work hanging out. Go there. 

A separate landing page will help people understand a bit about the book and help you build an email list of interested readers/fans for other books. 

Using the groups above you could direct people to the landing page, have them submit their email (so you have it for future book launches) and then forward them to the Amazon sales page to purchase the book – or get it free if you can give it away. 

Here is a landing page email funnel example built in my favorite software. that I use for many of my own promotions and sales funnels. 

Paid Promotions using Facebook:

For paid promotion of Science Fiction books using Facebook Ads, it’s a bit different. I’d suggest using the free path first and then you might even have an email list and audience to build form. 

In this image are some general targeting options, combining (intersecting) the two could be useful in reaching your audience. 

While, I’m not going to go into a step by step guide this is how I’d do paid promotions for this in general. 

promoting science fiction books with Facebook ads

1. Promote a video ad of 30 seconds to one minute video preview of the book. 
2. Send them to a landing page about the book where you can get their email. 
3. On the thank you page, provide the link to the Amazon page using your own link. 
4. Build a lookalike audience of people who signed up for your email list, promote to them.

Promote to Publishers:
If you want to get published by a large publisher, you could promote your reviews to people who work at the publishers who publish book this this.

Use a small budget and a small radius to focus in on the offices where these decision maker sit.