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How can we get 100K Facebook page likes faster for social proof?

If you want to get to 100K Facebook page likes faster, you have to decide why you want the likes and which tradeoffs you are willing to make. You also need to decide if you really need likes or just want to run ads.

To answer, I’ll focus on getting likes, without addressing whether you should get likes or not.


  1. Simply put you can run a campaign to get likes. You will target your ideal audience and pay for likes. Think about this as a low effort lead magnet. Why will people want to follow you and what’s in it for them. Using good targeting for your ideal audience, will net better results when you engage organically or through future ads. Use relevant images, tutorial videos (so people want more), or entertaining vids.
  2. Paid, but cheap. I see a lot of “guru” types showing people how to get super cheap likes. Yes, it’s possible to get super cheap likes in third tier countries. This build social proof because you page looks more popular and  most people visiting your page will only see the number of likes and not explore deeper.
    The downside of this is that your organic reach will be to the wrong people. You will have no useful organic reach and your ads will probably be higher cost, because Facebook can’t learn from the users on your page. In general, this is not a strategy I recommend, but you can make that choice.


  1. Organic growth. This is much more challenging in today’s environment of limited reach for Facebook pages. You can use memes, videos and other more “popular” and easy to share content to get people to like your page.
    A great example of this is in the area of recipes and how-too. I see a lot of organic reach, shares and likes when pages put out content that shows the steps involved in something in a sped up, easy to consume video. (paying to promote the good one will magnify this effect).
  2. You can friend and invite people to like your page too. You can post in relevant groups. There is a fine line between being spammy, and looking for support.

Growing an audience on a Facebook page can be challenging, but once you have the audience it gives you a nice pool of people to sell to, engage with as well as holding social proof for people who visit or check out your product.

We built Boosteroid dot ai to help businesses build engaged audiences on Facebook. In my works running ads for client, through my agency, I found that the best performing campaigns were typically for people who already had an active and engaged audience.

To help get business there sooner Boosteroid dot ai automates the promotion of post to the most engaged audience, then it promotes to an audience of people who are determined to be more likely to engage with your page and content. It does a lot of the work and thinking of growing your audience for you.

You will still have to create and post on a regular basis, but now you can focus on creating great content, rather than how and who to target. Let the AI do it for you.

How to turn engagement into likes, to quickly get you to 100K likes on your Facebook page.

Engagement and “like farming” can grow your page audience rapidly.

1. Start with growing your audience by promoting your posts to people who already engage with your content. By promoting to people who already engage (Boosteroid dot ai does this) you are more likely to get people to like, comment and share. These are important signals that Facebook looks for to decide if they should organically show your content to more people. The paid promotion, can boost the amount of organic engagement you get initially. (organic bonus)

2. Promote your content to people who are more likely to engage with it. You can use a few interest in targeting or Lookalike audiences. Again, you can let a tool do this for you.

3. This is a key part. – When you have less than 100K likes, Facebook gives you the option to “invite” people to like your page, who have liked your posts. So as you promote to this engaged audience and they like your post, you can manually click on the reactions. This will activate a box, where you can scroll and invite.
– Alternately you can use a tool like fblikeinviter dot com (not affiliate, but I’ve used it and it works great). This tool automatically goes through and invites people to your page. The free version is a great place to start, but the paid version is much more automated.

4. So running Boosteroid dot ai to create and increase yoru engaged audience and then running (daily) a tool like FB Like Inviter will help you grow a really engaged and relevant audience quickly and with minimal work on your part. Focus on great content!

5. The reason I prefer to grow likes and audience by using promoted posts is that the likes are a natural byproduct of the ads. Meanwhile you get engagement, clicks, hopefully you have some sale posts, where you are making money WHILE getting likes. Build the audience and make money at the same time.

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