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How do big holidays affect ad costs?

How do big holidays affect Facebook ad costs?

I don’t work for Facebook, so all I have is my experience and what I’ve seen over that last few years while running ads for myself and clients.

I’ve noticed a shift on days where social norms take people out of their normal routine.

So what does this mean?

Think about this: On any given “normal” day people have a routine, where they wake up, have a morning routine, go to work(school etc) come home, dinner, evening and back to sleep. Throughout that day people spend about 20 minutes on Facebook (average).

On a day like 4th of July the national custom is to go to fireworks, picknick and spend time with friends and famil. The events of July 4th require people to pay attention to other people and real life activities, so they have less time to be on Facebook.

Fewer eyes and time on Facebook means more competition for the adspace and views.

The also works in reverse.
One of our “viral” type media properties had it’s biggest day on an Easter. While people culturally get together for Easter, I believe there is a “lag time” in the afternoon, once the events have finished, but people are outside of their normal routine and have nothing better to do.

This means more than normal eyes on Facebook! less competition!

I don’t suggest that you shift your ad campaigns or anything like that for these holidays. My opinion is that it’s not worth the time and effort just because of 24-48 hours of shifting behavior.

I let mine run.

The Christmas holiday season – that’s different, and for another time.