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How do I target Facebook group members on my Facebook Ads?

How to target ads to groups on Facebook

you can’t yet, even though this is being tested by Facebook. Even if ads in groups is released to the general public (Facebook Advertisers), it may just be another placement. You may not be able to target specific groups, Facebook will decide to place the ads in groups it thinks are inline with the interests you are targeting (just a guess on my part). 

Facebook has many options for retargeting. You can take advantage of this to deliver ads to group members. 
Understand that you will have to know IF you can do this in the group you want to reach out to. Some admins have specific rules of what can and can’t be posted. 

The basic idea is that you create a video and post it to you own business page. 

Then, you share that video, from your page into the group. 

Go into ads manager and create a custom audience of people who watched the video. In this case you want the shortest percentage video watched, for instance 3% so you can capture as many people as possible. 

Best bet is to share something valuable so the group owner actually appreciates, accepts and promotes the your content in the group. 

While I advise using a high value video for this tactic, you can also use a meme, turned into a video or something short, as long as it’s a video. 

Some groups, do not allow posting of any content from with outside links. It’s up to the group owner and the specific rules.


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