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How Effective Is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising is extremely effective when it is implemented correctly. Facebook offers an incredible array of targeting options from sex, age, and financial status, to job title, education, and zipcode. The targeting options are almost infinite.

On top of the targeting options, Facebook using it’s artificial intelligence to find and match people who might be interested in your offer based on their previous interactions and actions on Facebook.

Ads are effective when you combine the targeting options with the correct offer. No matter what if you ask Facebook to show an offer to people and they don’t want it, the ads will not work. A good offer will work well and reach the people who want it.

For example, I have a client who needs leads for her service. She has a solid sales process and business but needs to fill the sales pipeline with more potential clients. My agency has been able to learn about her ideal clients, create audiences around these personas and optimize ads to get email leads at very low cost.

There are so many things you can do with Facebook ads, including building a complete sales funnel. You can introduce people to your product, follow up with additional information and present them with an offer. Each step of the way narrowing down your prospect to only the most likely to buy.

You can also target ver small, specific groups of people if you want to help shift opinion or get the attention of a group.

Facebook ads are effective when you use them correctly. Look at the numbers from this screenshot, take from Facebook’s Ad page:
Facebook ads are effective