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a couple of years ago

How effective is the new Facebook Lead Ads?

How effective is the new Facebook Lead Ads?

So you’re wondering how effective is the new Facebook lead Ads?

Facebook Lead ads are touted as an amazing new feature when they launched over a year ago. 

There have been some major issues with their effectiveness including lack of response of the leads who come in through this path and an inability to customize buttons and links once a leads submits. 

Recently advertisers realized that just asking for an email address in lead ads creates a list that is less that responsive. It appears that the process is so streamlined that the person submitting doesn’t even know they are submitting information. For leads being called shortly thereafter, it’s common that the person has no idea where you got their information. 

So how do we make this tool more useful and increase the quality of the leads coming in? 

Make it harder to submit the information! (weird right!) 

Making Facebook Lead Ads more effective-

Use the Lead ads form to ask more question. 

Ask for a yes/no answer that they have to toggle.

Confirm that they understand that they are submitting an email and someone will follow up. 

How effective is the new Facebook Lead Ads?

In the image above I added two types of questions that force people to reply. 

One is a simple question that they have to fill in the answer. They will have to type an answer to submit, because this question will not be autofilled from the profile. 

This could be something to confirm this is their best contact information or that they can expect to be called about the offer. 

The second type of question is a multiple choice question, where they have to choose something like YES or NO through a toggle switch. This is simpler than forcing them to write it in but they still have to actively read what is happening once they submit. 

Another recent change (Dec 2017) is the ability to customize the Thank you page buttons. 

How effective is the new Facebook Lead Ads?

Now you can add custom call to action text and help direct people to another place/step in your sales funnel. Previously it could only go to a single url, and the CTA was “go to website”. 
This lets advertisers get creative and draw people down the funnel. 

Alternately you could use the “download” text to deliver the download immediately. 

Customizing the thank you page creates a smoother transition away from Facebook for your qualified leads. 

With these options it’s up to you to see How effective is the new Facebook Lead Ads can be and make the  best of a great too Facebook offers to users.

Lead ads is something that is easy to test as an alternative to a normal landing page. As people expect faster and faster online experiences, it makes sense to continue to test lead ads and see how well if works for you. 

What if you are using Lead ads already and the results start to decline? Read about it here.



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