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a couple of years ago

How To Create A Lookalike Audience Of Your Ideal Customers Using Other Peoples’ Content

When people are just starting to produce content for a business Facebook page one of the biggest hurdles is finding an audience to target. You have a few likes on your page but, let’s call it like it is, it’s really your mom and some friends.  That’s fine but not your ideal target market.  

To figure out how to find your audience, ask yourself this question:  Are there established experts or ‘gurus’ that your audience is likely to follow?  Alternatively, do you follow well-known personalities that your potential customers may as well?  

Modern day gurus make content you can re-purpose on Facebook.  Before you ask, no, I’m no suggesting plagiarism as a viable form of content creation.   
Making an Audience From Page Engagement
Before I get into the steps to this gold mine of content, give me a minute to provide some background.  Facebook now offers the ability to create an audience of people who engage with your page in meaningful ways. If you dive into the audience page of your ads manager there is a place to create custom audiences. It looks something like this image. 

Choose the last option of “Engagement on Facebook” and you will see a new window open that gives you the option to choose the page and what actions you want to build the audience around. Choose “Page” See next image:

Then you can actually choose which page (if you have multiple) and what action you want to create an audience from. I really like the “clicked a call to action” or “Saved your page or any post”, because both of these are higher levels of participation that just visiting the page. You can also build an audience of people who visited your page.  


But where do you get the content and interaction?

Here’s the key: it’s not only interaction with your page.  You can use any page. In the following example I posted an post about SEO (although this is just an example). Use content that aligns with problems your product solves. 

Then you can use your organic reach or you can pay to promote the page and eventually have some interactions with the page and content. 

Once you have enough interactions to build the audience and lookalike audience, you can then promote your content to a highly targeted lookalike audience. 

I can hear you now thinking – “You want me to pay to promote someone else’s content?” “Are you nuts?”  Maybe a little, but stick with me. 

Taking Advantage of The Authority Of The Content
What I offer is a second use of the re-purposed content from other people.  While you are paying to promote it you can possibly get some leads too. See, if the content you share is high quality and authoritative, then this is a way to piggy back on that authority for your own advantage. 

I use a service called Clipclap ( which is a lot like but free.

It works like this. You find someone else’s content you think fits. 
Take the url and add it to Clipclap.
Make a new “clip” – which is an overlay that appears over the page once the url is opened. 
Grab the new url that Clipclap gives you and use it in your posts. 
The “clip” overlay pops up when someone arrives, but the call to action and offer lead to links you own, not from the url you shared. 

It will look something like this on desktop, but hopefully less blurry. Works on mobile too.

So while you build your ideal audience with content you don’t own, you can also begin testing offers.