I'm working on a Facebook ad targeted to veterans. What are some tips on marketing to this specific group? | Get ROI Ads

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I’m working on a Facebook ad targeted to veterans. What are some tips on marketing to this specific group?

First lets start with the obvious stuff.
Target Veterans on Facebook. – Simple.

Next is targeting the families and households of people who live with veterans. Maybe you need the family involved or your product would make a good present.

When it comes to tips for veterans looks at some of the larger veteran’s pages and interest categories and see what they discuss and complain about. 

Don’t use cheesy stock photos of a model in a uniform that isn’t correctly set up or worn. This makes the advertiser look bad. Find photos in the public domain from the US Dept Of Defense or other sources. The pictures that look real or are real, but are accessible. 

Without knowing what you are advertising, it’s hard to be specific in what might work for copy. What I will say is that every veteran is also something else. Parents, many races, religions, ages and have completely varied interests on par with the total population of the country. 

Think about what problem you are solving for these veterans and how you can relate it to something they may know from the military. 

Look for military memes and play off of that. 

Just be careful to not come off as just using the “veteran thing” to make sales. A clothing company has been laughed at and scolded by the veteran community for using unit patches and insignia on their clothing designs. These types of things are “earned” by the veteran, often through difficult trials. 

Also, know which branch you are talking to and which uniform is in the images you use. Every branch knows it’s own camouflage patterns and what they call each rank and member. I wouldn’t say “Marines” and use an image with an Army uniform. Align the image and text.