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a couple of years ago

What is more important in a Facebook ad – the image or the text?

I’m going to go against the grain and say that the text is more important to measurable outcomes for a lot of marketers. (this doesn’t apply to Ecomm). 

I’ll start with the image – The image can definitely increase click through rate and attention and change the statistics for an ad. So at an ad level, the image is hugely important. It can be the difference between an ad being clicked or not. 

But the TEST in the ad is viewed first in the newsfeed because of the way we scroll. The words and offer are processed or being processed as a person passes, before they see the image. The offer and text of the ad create an environment where IF a person clicks they are more or less likely to convert on the next page. 

I’ve heard people say that the job of the ad is to “get the click”, but this only works to some extent. We’ve all see those clickbait ads that lead to something almost unrelated. So yes it’s possible to have a very clickable image, but this just causes people to abandon the offer once they move to the landing page. 

My premise is that if you want RESULTS from your ads, then the offer (text) is more important than the image. 

I’ll add that for Ecomm ads, the image and offer are the same. So the image/video will be most important. 


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