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How do I increase my Facebook Page reach nowadays (in 2018)?

“Increase my Facebook Page reach” is as simple as being more engaging and producing better content. “simple” 

You get rewarded with more reach by being both engaging for your audience and for doing things that fit with Facebook goals. 

Specifically on Facebook, Live video tends to get more reach than other types of content. You can produce live videos, then promote them using paid advertising. 

While overall reach is important, getting the right reach is important too.

Increase my Facebook Page reach in 2018

Building some audiences in your Facebook Ad Manager of people who have previously engaged with your Facebook Page posts and ads will give you additional reach. 

How you ask? 

Here are some choices — 

If you take the example of a Facebook live, you will get some organic reach to start. 

Next promote that post to only your most engaged followers, which is an audience you created of people who interact with your posts. 

You can also test an audience of people who visited your website 3 times in 7 days or something that indicates they are really interested in your content. 

So now you are stacking the deck in your own favor…

  1. Using a format Facebook likes – Live.
  2. Paying to promote (which facebook likes)
  3. Promoting to people who are known to engage with your content (Facebook loves engagement)
  • Now you can take it even further, buy adding in discussion triggers in the video (adding subtitles – after). 
  • Make sure you are asking questions of your audience in both the video and the text. This creates more engagement in the comments! 
  • Return their comments. If you as the page owner get involved in the comments you will also see engagement (and reach) improve. 

Do this on a consistent basis and you will see organic reach improve and you will get better at understanding what your audience wants to see and hear. 

  • Send new posts to your email list. Ask them to comment share and like the post from your email, not on the post. This is people who are already highly engaged! 
  • Create a Facebook Group, as a place to engage and promote your content. Again, this is a group of engaged and interesting people. 
  • Cull your email list and group of people who simply don’t engage or open emails. 



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