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a couple of years ago

Lead Ads: The New Standard For Lead Generation On Facebook.

I’ve been using Lead Ads for myself and clients because in a lot of cases they are just better. They are simple to set up, easy to use and you bypass all the issues that come with dealing with landing page software!
For example, one client’s lead cost went from $1.50 per lead when sending visitors to a landing page down to $0.43 (43 cents) when using Lead Ads. I used the same audiences and the same ads, the only difference is what happens when they click the ad.
I tested this type of ad when it was first released and I was unimpressed, but recently decided to give them a try again. 
A few key points to consider about running lead ads:
1. The experience is all native to Facebook, so it’s fast and smooth. 2. 

2. Lead ads need a third party software to connect to your email autoresponder. I use Zapier.  

3. Lead ads are fast to build and test. You don’t need a landing page at all, so you save time and possibly money because you don’t need landing page software for lead generation any longer.

 4. Downside- because you are not using a landing page, the lead ad experience ends (most often) when the user hits submit. So you can do one-time-offers or quick “trip-wire” type sales with lead ads like you can with a traditional funnel. 


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