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Attract Customers and Make Money with Local Facebook Ads (4-Part Course)


Crush it With Local Facebook Ads!

All of your potential customers or clients are on Facebook. Reach them where they are and grow your business locally!

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Getting Started


Simple Local Targeting


Demographic Local Targeting


Building A Clickable Ad

The Fastest Way for You to Profit With Local Facebook Ads!

Many people are intimidated by the idea of creating ads on Facebook... and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't it too complicated, too technical, too time consuming, costs too much? It's time to realize that this represents a massive advantage for you, if you learn the simple techniques for creating awesome Facebook Ads and gain an edge over your competition.

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Course:

  • How To Start A Facebook Ad Account
    Learn how to create your ads account to get started. A lot of local businesses have Facebook pages but haven't paid for ads.
  • The Simplicity Of Local Targeting
    Learn about targeting locally. It is really easy, once I show you the choices to make.
  • Demographic Local Ad Targeting
    Still simple, but more precise targeting based on demographic date. (parents, homeowner, renter, etc)
  • Overview Of Effective Ad Creation
    A quick overview of what goes into an effective ad. This  module will get you started, but could also be a it's own course if I went much deeper. 

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