How much is a Facebook page with 300,000 likes worth? What are other ways I can make money off of it if I choose not to sell it? | Get ROI Ads

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How much is a Facebook page with 300,000 likes worth? What are other ways I can make money off of it if I choose not to sell it?

Facebook Official Answer

The official position base don Facebook terms of service is that you can not sell a page. It’s not “illegal” just against their platform rules.

I have no idea what the repercussions are if you do sell a page or how they would know.

I did a quick search of Google and found a site that helps you “exchange” pages with people who are interested in buying them. (LINK) I don’t know anything about the quality of the service or values.

The value of page likes has decreases significantly over the last few years. It still costs the same as it ever has to get likes, especially highly targeted ones. The problem is the reach of pages has gone down so much that organic reach is almost zero.

Even a page with 300K likes will still have to pay to reach a significant number of those people. If you are already paying, you may as well use precisely targeted audiences.

You have so many options to make money with a page like this. The good thing about having so many likes is that you have some social proof. You will get “some” organic reach.

To monetize the page –

Create a Facebook group where you discuss your pages subject. Groups have more organic engagement (for now). You can share content and offers organically on the page. You won’t make a lot from this, but if you look at each post as a test, you will learn a lot.

When you find a post that your audience reacts too, this is a great time to pay to boost to your audience. At the same time, start building other engagement audiences to expand your paid promotions. (people who engage with your page, posts and ads/ People who view your videos/ people who purchase you product/ create lookalikes of all of these).

The page on it’s own won’t likely make you a lot of money, but being able to test offers and content organically can save you a lot on the testing side.

I’ll also suggest using your page to build an email list. Create a free download pdf related to your page and get people’s emails in exchange. Through the emails you have another avenue to make offers, be it your own or affiliate offers.

The truth is that your page will probably give you a testing environment for offers. To make it a business worth pursuing, you will need to promote further.