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On Facebook Ads, how often does your campaign information get updated?

how often is Facebook ad data updated

First of all, take a minute to relax. 
Facebook data is definitely not real-time, but I am as guilty as anyone in checking the data too often. 

While there may be some specific time interval that Facebook claims data is updated, I can say from experience that there is no hard and fast interval. 

Especially with new ad campaigns, I’ve seen data take as long as a few hours t populate, even though I knew the ads were running. 

Part of the question depends on which data you are looking at, how much you are spending and how fast conversions are happening. 

You should see ad delivery within the first 30 minutes of launching a campaign. That just means there should be some number of impressions. This assumes that you have a relatively large and available audience. (500K and up) 

For other data, like CTR (Click Through Rate) people will have had to click your ad. So you may have an add running , but no clicks. ( I hope that isn’t the case, of course). 

Conversion data is something that is often confusing for advertisers, even seasoned ones. 
Facebook uses a standard 28 day click and 1 day view window. 

Within this window of time, a conversion gets credited to the last link click or view if no click. 

It’s possible to see sales happening in your payment processor today, but have the conversions credited to a few days (up to 28) in the past. This confuses people. 

We’ve all done it. Click an ad for something, and then get distracted or just save it for later. 

When this happens, the click is when Facebook counts the conversion. So you may get paid today and see the conversion in Facebook data as in the past.

This happens more with sales processes that are based more on email or a multi day sales sequence. 

The other thing that can affect how often you data SEEMS to be updated is your adspend. If you spend $1 a day, you will simply have less data and therefor fewer apparent updates or apparent changes to your data. If you spend $10K a day, you data will be able to update more often.