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Should I do paid advertising on Facebook?

Should I do paid advertising on Facebook?

Should I do paid advertising on Facebook?

Why or why not?

If you are running a business it’s most likely that you can benefit from running paid advertising on Facebook.

You can generate leads for your email list.
You can generate visitors to your valuable content.
You can create an audience of people who are likely to engage with your offer.
You can send people directly to an offer.
You can build an ecommerce empire using Facebook ads.

You can retarget people who visit you site and perform specific actions.
You can follow up with people who watch a video you made.
You can cause people to use Google to search for you.

You can target people with very specific interests.

You can target people with very specific political, demographic, housing, car, credit card use or thousands of other types of data.

With all the ad variations you can introduce your company to someone who doesn’t even  know they have a desire for your product and with as little as a single ad or maybe a series of ads move them to a place where they purchase your product.

If you are looking for a job you can think of a few ways to get your information, project or even resume in front of decision makers at the company you ant to work for.
You could invite people to local events and non-profit activities.

The list could go on, but there are many reasons you could use paid advertising on Facebook.

If you do, make a plan.
Think about the journey your ideal person will go on with the ads.



Facebook paid ads are simply one of the many ways to reach people and while I think they fit most situations, maybe it wont work for you.

Possibly something else will.

You won’t know until you test it.

Good luck.


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