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5 Tips for Small Businesses Advertising on Social Media by Special Ops Guy Turned Successful Advertiser Scott Warren

Scott Warren’s local advertising tips for small businesses

1. Use faces in your ads.  People have an innate preference for faces.  Use that to your advantage. For local business using real employees will usually outperform stock or “fancy” imagery. 

2. Use the rule of 3 with the words on your image. Faces on 1/3rd of the image and words on the other 1/3rd – this is your offer headline. Short and concise is key here. (20% rule for max reach on Facebook)

 3.  You can target locally using the city name and radius with Facebook Ads.  Combine with Demographic and Behavior targeting to narrow the local reach to ONLY your IDEAL customers. Ex: “Parents of kids x-xx years old”, “Renters, Likely To Move” or “Homeowner, + Home Renovation”, “Used Vehicle buyer (In-Market)”.

 4.  Make the ad match the offer page.  If the ad isn’t relevant to the offer and doesn’t have the same look, the likelihood of a customer continuing on the sales cycle are slim.  In Facebook, inconsistencies would be reflected negatively in the “Relevance Score”.

5. Retargeting is an essential element of a good campaign.  Don’t forget to collect recontact information during the sales cycle. Retargeting can be done within Facebook, via email or using other ad platforms. 

Scott says less is more when it comes to precise, effective targeting.  He is currently offering free strategy sessions to small businesses.  Click below to talk to Scott.

Is there a successful company out there that hasn’t relied on professional talent to further their advertising reach?

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