If someone likes your Facebook page's post, is it socially acceptable to invite him/her to like your page? | Get ROI Ads

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If someone likes your Facebook page’s post, is it socially acceptable to invite him/her to like your page?

It’s definitely socially acceptable to invite someone who likes your post to like your page.

Everything Facebook does is meant to improve the user experience, so you can assume that this feature has been tested and helps.

If they like one post, it’s also likely that they will like more of your content, but most people are lazy and won’t go though the effort to find a page like button to follow you further.

Sending the invitation feels more personal. Your page (you) noticed and acknowledged that person “like” on your page. It makes them feel good.

The thing to be careful of is that you can only use the invite to like feature up to near (not sure exactly) 500 invites a day. Facebook will disable it if you try to go beyond.

There is also a Chrome browser plugin that automates the process of inviting to like so you don’t have to do it manually.

Its a great way to grow a page without specifically paying for likes.

Chrome plugin link.


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