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a couple of years ago

Start With Mobile Optimization In 2017


I keep hearing “mobile first”, and even Google has made being mobile first a ranking factor for it’s search results. I think we are not really there yet. WHAT?

So many marketers and businesses use landing page software, like Clickfunnels (which I really like), Leadpages, Unbounce, Instapage or any or the others that are out there. This array of software makes our lives so much easier, by creating a drag and drop interface for us to build landing pages.

The catch is that we all build the pages on our laptops and that the page templates are based off of desktop sized and shaped screens and NOT mobile devices.

The image above comes from a client’s Clickfunnel page editing interface. The reason I show this is because it’s time we REALLY START THINKING MOBILE FIRST.

Grab your template and then crunch up the browser as thin as it will go and see how it looks. Now realize that you need to add and move parts so that they look good on mobile. At least 80% of the traffic I send to client accounts is on mobile, so how can we ignore this?

Just like it’s a general rule of thumb to have a call to action above the fold (within the landing page screen), we should aim for the same, when working with mobile. Because mobile is smaller it requires us to be more concise and agile with the message that goes in that small horizontal rectangle.

Your 96 point font may look great on the desktop version of your landing page, but on mobile only the first few words show up and a visitor has to scroll to see what is going on.

You might be thinking “But my pages are responsive, so I’m good” – and to some extent, you are correct. Your responsive page will layout on a mobile device.

  • How good does it look though?
  • What is the user experience like?
  • Does enough information show as soon as the page loads or do they need to scroll?

My advice to you is to really look at your pages and the traffic you send. Does it match? 
If you are sending mobile traffic to a page  that isn’t optimized for mobile, please rethink.

Let me know what you think about this and how we can improve as a community?

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