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How do you target couples when I’m building Facebook Ads?

I see a few ways to accomplish this:

First is to target people based on their relationship status. 

Depending on your market, some of the above variables might work for you. This is people who are in a relationship. I’m sure you will cross this targeting with some other interests or demographic data to narrow your market. 

Another way to target “couples” is to look at household targeting. 

This “household” targeting looks at everyone who lives in the same place. So this would work to target people who live together (there is a separate targeting for people who live together but just as roommates). Again, its not perfect. 

You will be missing people who are a couple but not living together. That’s where the relationship targeting works. 

Mixing the relationship status and some interests that they might have in common, will be a good way to reach couples. 

If you want to make sure to reach BOTH of the people in a relationship. You could localize the ads so that your budget covers a specific area. 

You could also use the same targeting but break out for sexes. If you are targeting Male/Female couples, you could run a different ad to each in the same area. 


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