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Ten Ways To Get The Most Advertising Out Of Your Personal Facebook Profile

Optimizing my facebook profile for sales
Here is what I see if I hoover over your name or image in the group.
1. Put a CTA with an easily read link in the header image on your profile. Make sure it is sized correctly for mobile.
2. Fix your picture to have a small banner at the bottom like we see for sports supporters or when people support some cause.
3. You could upload a video in place of your face – I think you could cut in some CTA’s. (I’ve never tried this, but it may work. )
4. Make sure each spot in the about you has a link and CTA that means something to your target customer.
5. When you comment and share in groups, use words that make it clear that you offer a solution, without spamming – so you don’t get kicked out.
6. Share relevant video and content in groups associated with your niche. Answer peoples’ questions in those same groups. Be useful.
7. Make sure you have messenger up and running – you can also push people to that as a link. (m.me/AweOfWomen is your personal link)
8. On your profile posts test link posts vs image posts with the landing page link in the first comment. Same with video.
*9*. You can have 5000 friends on your personal profile. Go and friend people in the groups where you think you can help people. Like and reply to a comment. Friend request. Post about your product.
10. Use a different prettylink or bitly link in each of the spots so you can identify which is actually sending traffic.
11 – Use LIVE!
12. Check out (https://www.facebook. com/scottoldford) – he is doing a launch right now and using the heck out of his personal profile.
I’m sure there are plenty more.