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How To Test Your New Lead Magnet Idea Without Building A Landing Page


How to set up Facebook Lead Ads to quickly text your lead magnet and business idea WITHOUT building a landing page!

(a 3-minute read)

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I had an idea for a lead magnet that I wanted to test, but I didn’t want to spend the time the time building a landing page and wondering if an orange or green button would be better or if I just need better copy!

How To Test Your Lead Idea With Facebook Lead ads

The old “new” way to test an idea was to build a landing page and run ads (Facebook or Adwords) to the page to see if anyone signed up.

This works well but requires that you have a landing page, the copy and some concept of what helps people convert once they get to the page. Of course, you have to make the ads work first.

A lot of people like to build a “lead magnet”, or free offering that relates to the product in some way, that they give away for free in exchange for contact information. The email list is used as a communication tool to start developing a relationship with potential customers as well as a way to deliver offers.

Using Facebook Lead Ads to Test A Business Idea!

I’ve been playing a lot with Facebook Lead Ads lately and I’ve developed a hack that exceptionally well. Before building a site and landing page, for the opt-in, I go to the audience directly with the opt-in offer using Lead Ads.

I had an idea for a business but needed to test if anyone was interested. I also had an idea for a lead magnet to get started.

Do you see the beauty of this? I get immediate feedback on the offer.

The data is the conversion rate on the offer itself not how many people opt-in once they arrive at the landing page.

This is a one-step business testing concept that can work for you!

Opt-in With Lead Ads

The “website” button in the lead ad is to the Facebook group.

About 25% of the people who submit the email via the Facebook Lead Ad, also request access to the group.

The bonus is that I can talk to them via email as well as posting in the group.

The first email also invites them to the group. I’ll be testing the email message to see whether I should focus more on getting them to the group and then making offers later or make the offer early.

I have email set up using Mailchimp automation every few days (I plan to do daily) and an RSS feed auto email each time a new post is published.

Did I mention, I added the websites and blog once I started seeing traction?

The intent is to build traffic with the email list and then create highly engaged lists within the email responder (MailChimp).

Each person that likes a post is (manually) invited to like the Facebook page.

Let’s get started with Lead Ads

1. Start a new campaign and choose “Lead Generation”
Using Facebook Lead AdsUsing Facebook Lead Ads

2. Make all your normal choices and setting for targeting and location.

This is no different than a normal ad.

You placements, budget, and schedule are all set here too.
The one difference in Lead Ads is that there are only two placements available.

Desktop Newsfeed and Mobile News Feed.

If you don’t have a preference, just leave the placement on automatic.

You can adjust later if the data shows you otherwise.

3. The next few steps are the same as any other ad.

You chose a page to advertise from an image or video, add in your copy and choose a call to action button.

4. Just as you’re thinking you’re done…

There is the major step that separates a regular ad from a Lead Ad.

It’s the part where you build the form and the information you actually want to capture.


Facebook Lead Ad

That “Lead Form ” section is the part I’m talking about.

5. Choose the [ +New Form ] button.

This new window will open.

Facebook Lead Ads Service

6. Within the new window, you have round radio buttons to the left.

Each is a part that needs to be addressed.

First, as in the image above, is the “welcome screen”.

When a person first clicks your ad, you have the option to send them to a mini landing page that offers more information about the offer.

I rarely use this page.

I find the conversion rate to be higher and cost less without this page. So I leave this one toggled off.

7. Questions Page.
As you can see from the image below, the default setting is email and full name.

The “show more options” like is there and there are many more options, like phone number first / last name/ address and much more.

You need to think about what makes someone a qualified lead for you and your business.
Typically the fewer questions you ask, the less the lead will cost.

Keep in mind that a cheaper lead isn’t always a better lead.

How to set up facebook lead ads question page

8. Privacy Policy Page.

For this, you need to have a privacy policy link.

Usually, this is just the link to the Privacy Policy Page on your website.

For this, I just add the privacy policy link and let Facebook use their standard copy. 
You can add a custom disclaimer here if you feel you need to or your industry has a requirement. 

Lead Ads Privacy Policy Link

9. We’re almost there! Finally, the THANK YOU screen. 
Here, you put a URL that you want people to visit once they submit the information through Facebook. Unlike a traditional landing page, you don’t get a lot of design options here. Your only customization is the link you add. You can’t even change the button text. 

I’ve found that 25% or less of the people who submit information, actually hit the [“Visit Website”] button. 

Thank you screen lead ads setup

10. Save and Finish.

Once you add in your URL you can hit the [Save] and then [finish] buttons in the upper right corner of the screen. 

This window will close and you will be ready to hit the green button and submit the ad order to Facebook! 

Congratulations, you are running your first lead ad!