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9 months ago

Tools I Use To Make $25K/Month In Affiliate Commissions.

I’m often asked which tools I use to make a living that allows me to travel the world with my family. I’ll admit something up front, I’m cheap and or frugal. I don’t pay for a service or software unless it is going to 10x it’s value.

If you want to know the tools I use read on:

  1. Clickfunnels:
    • This is where I build 99% of my landing pages, lead gen pages, bridge pages or even simple redirects. One of the most important pieces of software I use on a daily basis. It just works.
    • When I send 50-100K visits in a day, I need a platform that isn’t going to go down. Clickfunnels has their own scalable backend, so I don’t have to.
    • The A/B testing is super simple. You can build it into every page or even funnel vs funnel. So constant improvement is part of the game.
    • It has an incredible affiliate program. Yes I get paid to promote Clickfunnels. I’d tell you about it anyway, the pay is a bonus.
    • Get a FREE 14 Day Trial Here
  2. Email: Aweber.
    • Quite simply the best email platform out there.
    • Most modern- no. But Email delivery is super solid with Aweber.
    • Their support is forward leaning. So When I know I have a bad send or my stats aren’t up to par (affiliate troubles) I reach out to their compliance and support teams and discuss it with them. Each time, I have had a great response.
  3. Facebook Group Admin:
    • Did you even know there was a tool to help admit people to your group? It’s called GROUP LEADS and it’s a game changer!
    • Many people start nich related facebook groups, but then it gets out of hand with the entry questions and getting their email manually imported from the entry questions into your ESP/CRM (you do ask for email don’t you?)
    • GROUP LEADS automatically downloads all their answers into a Google Sheet for storage AND sends the emails to your autoresponder! WOW (Grab It Here)
  4. Website Hosting;
    • Bluehost is the most reliable and cheapest place to host your site.
    • They are very reliable, have great customer service and did I mention, really cheap? [Click Here ]

Theres a few more that I will add when I get around to it. Good luck.

Tools I Use To Make $25K/Month In Affiliate Commissions.