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Is there a way to know the customer target of a brand in their Facebook ads?

One simple way to see the targeting a brand is using is to look at the ads they show to you. This only works for ads that are shown to you, of course but it’s a start. 

In this case, I can see that the advertiser is looking to reach people who are interested in Business Development and live in the united states. 

This information is usually generic, and shows the “big” targeting. Often, I’m targeted because I’m part of an audiences that looks like their other customers. So I know they are using lookalike audiences. 

You can also dissect the language and problem of the ad to discern who they are talking too. If you know the language and It’s industry specific, you know they are targeting people from that industry. 

If you don’t understand the language (terminology), you can use Google to search for the terms and see if they align with specific industries or any Facebook interest pages come up in search. 

Images – Who is in the images and what do they represent? Is there a particular demographic being represented more often? 

Text – Look at the words being used. Are they third grade words targeting a general population or at they very industry specific words, which you can search for to better understand. 

One free resource is Adespresso’s Ad Gallery  which lets you search for ads by keyword and industry. This is a great place to see what shows up for different industries and business names. Even if it isn’t specific to a business, you will likely find companies similar to your specific search. 


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