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Is there a way to target your Facebook fan page ads so that they are not shown to your current fans?

Using the Facebook AdManager interface you can exclude people connected to your fan page, by using advanced combinations in the targeting setting of the adset. This is excluding people who have “liked” your page.

This is useful if you are trying to build a new audience and gain new followers.

You can also create an audience of only people who have interacted with your page (engagement), posts or ads and exclude them from seeing further ads.

Go to Audiences> Custom Audience> Engagement> (many choices)

You see from this image that you have a few different options that could be considered “Fans” of your page. 

The first “exclude” audience is simply excluding people who like you fan page. 

It’s possible you want to be more advanced than that, and entice people who are not “true fans” to come interact more often with your offers of content.

You could exclude people who already engaged with an ad or offer or who actually visited your Fan page, and only show ads to people who haven’t taken those steps. 

There are so many options, even if you just want to not show ads to “fans” of the page. I’d think about what you want to accomplish and going beyond just excluding “likes’ is enough to accomplish your goal.

Based on further details provided with your question, it sounds like you are just boosting the posts through the page interface.

Check into the Ad Manager and you will have so many more targeting options that focus on specific goals and audiences. 

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