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What are some of the downsides of using Adespresso for Facebook Ads

What are some of the downsides of using Adespresso for Facebook Ads?

“I’m exploring running FB Ads and using Adespresso for campaign management. Am I missing out on anything that I don’t have access or or visibility to if I were to use the FB Ads Manager tool directly?”

In short, no. You are not missing anything. 

I used Adespresso for almost 2 years to run my own and client’s ads. 

There were two major features that I really liked that kept me as a customer for so long. 

1. Creating ads is really fast. You add multiple images, text copy, and headlines and Adespresso builds all the combinations. Super cool feature! 

2. Once the ads were running, Adespresso will tell you which ads/ audiences and combinations to keep running or stop. For newer advertisers this is a lifesaver. 

Answer To Your Question:

There are a few downsides to running ads through adespresso. 

1. Cost. It costs money to do something you can do for free. If you are just starting a business, I’d suggest spending the money on ads instead of Adespresso. 

2. As you spend more it costs more. I used it for clients and had to upgrade to a higher more expensive level. I found I still had to go into ad manager and power to accomplish things I really wanted to do, but I still had to may the fee. 

3. You will always be behind on features. It’s just a matter of development, that Adespresso has to wait and prioritize features. So when Facebook releases something, I might be months before Adespresso updates. I can’t name specific time lags, but I know I had some frustrations and had to just go use the Ad manager for a lot of my work. 

4. Audiences. You still have to create audiences in ad manager. The newest audiences are in Ad Manager and Power Editor. For example, when it became possible to build an audience from video view percentages, I still had to go to AM. 

Those are a few things. 

I’ll admit that I’m a fan of Adespresso and if you are just looking to run some basic ads, with the support of their platform, it’s probably worth it. 
It is much more intuitive to use than the Facebook platform.