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What are some tips for making visually appealing Facebook ads?

What are some tips for making visually appealing Facebook ads?

As you know having a visually attractive ad draws the viewers eyes in and increases your ad click rate as well as lowering your ad cost!
From an advertiser’s perspective this isn’t a piece of “art” for people to admire, so the real goal is to inform people about something or get them to take action.
I’ll approach this answer from this perspective.

Audience matching

The image should be attention getting for your ideal audience. NOT just attention getting.

The person seeing the ad, should see either their current state or their desired future state in the image.

Doing this connects with the person and helps them understand that you can help solve a problem for them. 

The offer:

What problem are you solving for your audience. You aren’t solving a problem for everyone, so who and what are you solving for. The most amazing image in the world doesn’t get a click if it’s show to the worn audience. 

Small visual tweaks: (the “hack” stuff) 
1. Increase contrast by 25-40 percent on the image. Higher contrast stands out and catches the eye more.

2. Slanted lines. if possible add slanted lines across the image. Perpendicular and horizontal fit nicely into the scroll of the Facebook feed. Crossing using angular lines disrupts either of these normal and expected patterns.

3. A person looking at the viewer. We have an ingrained desire to look into other people’s eyes, so having an add with someone looking out is attention getting. (Even better if it matches the audience)