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What are some useful tips and hacks to customize columns within Facebook Ad Manager to optimize results?

This might be one of the most underutilized features when it comes to optimizing Facebook ads!

Most people think about the copy, the image, auto bidding vs manual and all kinds of other tweaks, but this is a place to dive into your data and get a real understanding of whats working.

Lets start with the simple fact that the columns in your ad manager are customizable. There are ten standard options for viewing your data.
What are some useful tips and hacks to customise columns within Facebook to optimize results?

The default view shows results based on whatever you are optimizing for in your adsets. If you are optimizing a conversion campaign for leads, it will show leads. If It’s purchases, they will show purchase conversions along with other important data.

Default Performance and Clicks data:
When I start running new ads, the “performance and clicks” default option is very valuable. My initial interest is “are people clicking the links” (assuming that is my goal)? 
Facebook ads, all clicks vs link clicks

What I’m looking for is CPC (cost per link click) and CTR (Link Clicks). It’s important to distinguish between these against the Clicks (All) or CTR (All). The link clicks are only clicks that take people from the ad to your landing page or offer. All the other clicks can include reactions, video plays, shares or image views. While these interactions are great, they are not specific to the typical goal of getting people to an offer. 

Default video data:
Depending on the type of campaign I’m running I will also use the video views. Video view percentage is important for ads with videos because it tells me how effective the video is for the audience. You might have an exciting beginning, so you get cheap 3 and 10 second views, but your offer and call to action is at the 30 second mark. If your viewers are falling off before that the video is somewhat ineffective or may need to be adjusted. 

Customizing Columns:
Customizing columns depends on goals. 
Case #1
A recent client example is where I used customized columns to focus on purchase and ROAS data. I was able to quickly see where sales were coming from and which adsets had the best return on adspend. As the launch progressed, I could see where to direct the adspend. ROAS is Return On Ad Spend. 
The truth of this campaign (in total) was that the cost per click was high. The clicks were far from the cheapest I’ve seen and some of the ad CTR (link CTR) were not as high as I’d like to see, but some of those “lesser” adsets/ads crushed it when it came to sales and return. 
customizing columns in facebook ads

Had I only been focused on the cost of the clicks I may have missed some of the more wildly successful opportunities. 

Case #2
I’ve also been working with a client who has a membership site. When we started including the website conversion value and ROAS, it created a completely new outlook on the ads. This client offers a monthly payment option and a yearly payment option. 
While optimizing the ads for normal Costs like Lead cost and Purchase cost, the ads looked to be loosing a lot of money. 
When we added in the conversion value to the columns we realized that almost 20% of the new members where taking the yearly membership offer. This immediately brought the campaigns from the appearance of losing money to profitable. As with the example above, some of the higher cost per link click ads lead to higher conversion values. 

Something to note on the Conversion values and ROAS. You need to install the Facebook Pixel and Events with values. Some platforms like Shopify or Teachable do some of this work dynamically for you. Other platforms like Clickfunnels requires that you install your own values at each step in the process. 

Customizing Columns:
If you don’t know already these columns are customizable. 

In the performance menu at the bottom you choose customize. This drag and drop menus shows up. 

Here you can search for the items you want. You can scroll through all of them to see what is available (it will surprise you). and you can move your choices around to change the view order. In the column on the right where you see the data that will be displayed, you can grab those with your cursor and just move around. 

This is a temporary configuration until you save it. The link to “save” is in the performance menu next to “custom”, which is the one you just created. 

Customizing the columns in your Facebook Ad account can help you find extremely valuable information, so it’s definitely something to understand and implement. 


Facebook ads, all clicks vs link clicks