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a couple of years ago

What are the pros and cons of using Facebook lead ads?

I’ll be up front to say that I love using Facebook Lead Ads. 

So Pros: 

They are super simple to set up. 
They are very customizable. 
Testing new concepts and offers is FAST. You don’t have to even build a landing page.
Depending on the “quality”/cost of lead I want, I will add more questions. Easy. 
You can set up Zapier and send the leads anywhere even to multiple places at once. (such as a client’s email as well as their CRM)
You can build lookalike audience from different levels of Lead Ad Interactions. 
Once people click the submit button,  the “link” call to action box is customizable (relatively new) 
Its built to work FAST on the Facebook platforms, so you don’t lose people who can’t wait for your landing page to load. 
You aren’t paying for or depending on a third-party for you landing pages. 
Once someone submits you can direct people to a page further in your offer or to an affiliate offer. 



Quality CAN be an issue because many people don’t update their Facebook email address. If you don’t do more and force them to confirm, the quality of leads might be lower than expected. 

You can’t optimize for anything other than leads. 

You have to use a third-party system to get your leads, unless you want to download manually. 

The forms can’t be edited. You have to duplicate and redo to make any changes. 

In general Lead Ads are a fast for the user and for the advertiser. The leads are generally cheaper, but without specific gateways of lower quality. Sometimes this can be worth it because the leads are so cheap.

I’d say it’s usually worth testing against whatever you are doing now. Learn how to do custom questions that a user has to actively fill in or a toggle answer so they confirm that you will be contacting them.


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